A sport brochure template is designed for the purpose of enumerating the sporting events that are going to be on display for a certain tournament or as a general source of information about a sports organization. Thus the sport brochure template must be comprehensive and attractive so that participants are attracted to the event. These templates are ready to use and can be used in a way that suits the user of the sports brochure. This is done as personal details can be added in the blank spaces which are provided in the template itself.

Any sports brochure template is thus quite a useful document which is mostly helpful for amateur sport brochure  drafters. Even those who wish to save time find such brochure templates pretty useful.

Sample Sport Brochure Template



Download Sport Brochure Template


Name: _______________ [Name of sports organization]

Year of establishment: _______________________ [Mention the year of establishment]

Tournaments organized by us:

  • Tournament 1: ________________ year: __________________
  • Tournament 2: ________________ year: __________________
  • Tournament 3: _________________year :__________________ [Mention the relevant details]

Major sports persons whom we represent: ______________________________________________ [Mention some of the sporting personalities the sports organization represents]

Our motto and aims: ______________________________ [Mention how promoting sports is a rewarding and crucial principle behind the functioning of the sports organization]

The kind of sports we are chiefly associated with: ________________ [Provide the relevant information]

Contact number: ___________________________________ [The contact information with regards to email id and phone number is provided]