A sports classes pamphlet template is a template or a readymade sports classes pamphlet which proves to be extremely useful for those people who wish to distribute a pamphlet which talks about a sports class. There are blank spaces left in such documents which are meant to be filled in order to customise the template.

Sample Sports classes pamphlet template

Sports Classes Pamphlet Template

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Name of sports class: _________ [mention the name of the sports class]

Name of the sports class teacher: ____________ [mention the name of the sports class teacher]

Address of the sports class: ____________ [write down the full address of the sports class]

Contact number of sports class: _________write down the contact number of the sports class]


________ [give name of the sports class] is an interactive sports class which has been training and teaching youngsters and kids a variety of sports options to learn. We try our best to train our students in not only a time filling way but on a much serious level.

We provide a lot of sports options and facilities, both indoors and outdoors. The following is a list along with the timings of the classes.

Sport                                    Day                                        Time

  • Basketball                  Everyday                           4-6 pm
  • Table tennis                        Monday-Friday                    6-7 pm
  • Cricket                               Everyday                           6-8 am
  • Lawn Tennis                       Monday, Wednesday                    7-9 pm
  • Athletics                     Thursday, Saturday                     6-8 am
  • Skating                      Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday     5-7 pm
  • Swimming                  Everyday                           5-7 am

[Here mention the types of sports activities with their days and time]

For any further details or queries, contact the number mentioned above and for admissions, visits the sports class at the address provided.