A sports event is any event taking place related to sports. A sports event template is a tool to make announcement for participation in the event and also helps in attracting sports enthusiasts to come and watch the event.  The template should have details like the date and venue of the event.

An event which is organized in reference to a particular sport or sports in general is called a sports event. They can be events such as sports day celebrations at educational institutions, friendly matches to raise money for charity, sports events for the underprivileged etc. The sports event template provided below is for the use of the organizers, they can put it to use after they have filled in the required information about the respective event.

“You can Download the Free Sports Event Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Sports Event Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Sports Event Template:

Sports Event Template

Download Sports Event Template

_________________ [mention the name of the event]


Organized by ________________ [mention the name of the company who is organizing the event]

We would like to inform that we, __________ [name of organizer] are organizing a ___________ [name of the sport] competition beginning from _______________ [date on which the event will begin] and ending on ______________ [date on which the event ends].

We would like your participation in the event which is taking place at _________________ [name of the stadium or any other place where event is taking place].

Our sponsors for the event are:




[Name of the sponsors]