A staff meeting memo is a kind of a memorandum or a memo which is created or designed to act as a form of communication to inform the staff members about an upcoming meeting to discuss certain matters. Such memos are extremely common in workplaces and have a formal format and nature.

To frame a staff meeting memo, one can take help of a staff meeting memo template. A staff meeting memo template is basically a ready to use memo for a staff meeting that can be customized by the user to convert it into an actual and formal memo.

A staff meeting memo template helps many workplaces and employers who may not have the time to frame their own memos for communication within the company or office. The template has the correct layout and also a few content details which are common to all such memorandums.

There are blank spaces provided which can be filled in by the user so as to give a personal touch to the template. Some information which the user needs to enter are date of meeting, purpose of meeting, time of meeting, location or meeting etc. Anyone can download such templates from the web.

Sample Staff Meeting Memo Template:


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