All workplaces and office settings often conduct staff meetings on a regular basis to discuss many types of matters, projects and workplace issues. In the case of medium sized or large organization, department heads or other seniors create proper written agendas for upcoming staff meetings. Staff meeting agendas are detailed descriptions of the points which a staff meeting will be discussing and the points that it will be touching upon.  A staff meeting agenda template is a ready to use staff meeting agenda which can be used as it is to describe the agenda when a meeting is to be held on a short notice.

A staff meeting agenda template is a document which consists of all the major points of a staff meeting agenda paper but is left with particular details. There are blank spaces left in the template so that the exact information about an upcoming meeting can be written down. The following are some of the fields which a staff meeting agenda template must have:

  • The date, time and location of the staff meeting which is to be held.
  • The exact reason for conducting meeting and the various points which shall be discussed in it.
  • The people who are invited to the meeting.
  • The employee who is to organize the meeting and head it.
  • The template must also consist of information about the projects which will be discussed in the meeting.
  • The template should have signature of the person who will be customizing the staff meeting agenda.

Sample Staff Meeting Agenda Template:

Staff Meeting Agenda Template

Download Staff Meeting Agenda Template