For every school, college or other educational institute, it is very important to constantly evaluate the performance of the students so that changes can be suggested to them and a report can be maintained. The performance is usually evaluated using student performance evaluation forms which can be filled in to evaluate students on several grounds. For those who do not have an idea of how the evaluation forms have to be framed, student performance evaluation templates can prove to be extremely very useful.

Student performance evaluation templates are those forms which have all the fields of an evaluation present in them and the user only needs to fill out the blank spaces for customizing the student performance evaluation. Some of the fields which are given in such evaluation templates include name of student, class of student, age of student, performance in studies, performance in co-curricular activities, review, teacher comments and overall performance grade. These fields can be filled in by the teacher or user to personalize the template for each of the students. Since framing each evaluation may not be possible, thus help of templates is taken for saving time and reducing the level of difficulty of conducting evaluations.

Sample Student Performance Evaluation Template:

Student Performance Evaluation Template

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