Summer Camp Brochure Template

A summer camp brochure must outline the various activities in the offing and the corresponding prices. It must be bright, attractive and informative in order to attract the youth. Thus a summer camp brochure template must be designed keeping in mind the same. Any summer camp brochure template is a document which is framed in such a way that it can be readily used as and when the user desires. These templates are meant to consist of the structure and major content of a summer camp brochure and must be left with blank spaces at those places where the personalised details of the use are required. These templates are therefore very useful and are quite time saving.

Sample Summer Camp Brochure Template



Download Summer Camp Brochure Template


Name: _______________________________________ [Name of the group organizing the summer camp]

Year of establishment: ___________________________ [The year from which summer camps have been organized by this group]

Location: __________________________ No. of days: ___________________________ [Mention the relevant details]

Our purpose in organizing summer camps: _____________________________________ [Mention the benefits of summer camp like the learning of new crafts]

Age group eligible for enrolling in this camp: _______________________ [mention the relevant age group]


  • Day 1: ______________________________________
  • Day 2: ______________________________________
  • Day 3: ______________________________________
  • Day 4: ______________________________________

Charges [inclusive of taxes]: ______________________$ [Mention the charges for the summer camp]

We hope to see you soon!!!

Contact number: ______________________________

Signature: ___________________________________ [Contact number and signature of organizational head]

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