A taxi cab receipt is a kind of a receipt which is used to record the details of a taxi service which has been availed by a customer of a taxi cab. The receipt is submitted by the taxi driver to the customer to inform him/her about the charge according to the distance traveled.

To create a taxi cab receipt, many taxi drivers make use of taxi cab receipt templates. These types of templates act like ready to use receipts which help to make a well formatted sales receipt. These templates prove useful because they provide the correct layout and structure that can be used to for making the final receipt.

A taxi cab receipt template is a highly customizable document which can be modified, edited and tailor made according to the specifications of a particular customer’s services. Some of the categories or headings which care already present in such templates are name of customer, distance traveled, and price per distance measure, price of the travel, taxes applicable and the total cost due.

The taxi cab driver then fills out the template to hand the receipt over and is thus an extremely useful document. These templates can be downloaded from the web easily.

Sample Taxi Cab Receipt Template :

Taxi Cab Receipt Template

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