A tea party invitation template is a well drafted format that is helpful for writing a good invitation to the guests for a tea party. A tea party is a gathering where light discussions are exchanged and a nice invitation can initiate the interest for such an occasion.

Hosting tea parties has been an up and coming trend amongst various social classes and groups to celebrate varied occasions or even for discussions. The tea party invitation template given here is for the help of those who are planning to host a tea party. The template will serve the purpose of tea party invitations. The user of the template will need to fill the blank spaces in the template before sending the invites to her/ his guests.

“You can Download the Free Tea Party Invitation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Tea Party Invitation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Tea party invitation template:

Tea party invitation template

Download Tea party invitation template

Dear ________ (the name of the guest)

Please grace the occasion of tea party that is being hosted at __________ (the inviter’s home/a hotel/club) on _________   (the exact date of the tea party) from ______ to ________ (the details of the timings). It is an absolute pleasure to enjoy nice discussions in your presence.

You can enjoy the following activities at the party”


_____________   (enlisting of the games and other relevant things to be organized at the party)

Please feel free to suggest any recommendation.

The direction of the location:  _____________________   (briefly explaining convenient routes to reach the place)

Hearty Regards

_______________ (name of the inviter)