A teacher planner template is a document which contains a list of activities that a teacher needs to complete within certain duration. This may include a list of teaching materials to be completed, activities to be performed, tasks to be carried out and documents to be composed. Whatever the list is, a teacher planner template is a document which must be composed with due care as it contains an account of schedules and activities which cannot afford to go haywire. A teacher planner template must be organized and neatly done so that all available slots are carefully demarcated and all the pending tasks are highlighted. It must be neat and comprehensive and also provide the teacher with adequate rest.

You can Download the Free Teacher Planner Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Teacher Planner Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Teacher Planner Template:

Teacher Planner Template

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Teacher Planner



[Mention the name of the school which will provide its teachers with teacher planners]

Name of teacher: ________________________Subject taught: __________________________Teacher planner for the academic session: ______________________ [Mention all the relevant details about the teacher for whom the teacher planner is to be created]

Day of the week

[Mention the day of the week starting from Monday against which the teacher’s classes and activities shall be mentioned]

Classes to be taken

[Mention the classes to be taken by the teacher against the corresponding day of the week]

Activities scheduled

[Mention any activities to be taken by the teacher for the day of the week]

Other duties

[Mention any other responsibilities the teacher might have to perform as part of her daily schedule]

Signature of authorizing personnel: __________________________Signature of teacher: ________________________