A team health check template is a ready to use document which is used by organisations to conduct health checkups of teams of different departments. Such templates are useful in cases where organisations do not have enough time to draft such documents. The main use though of such templates is for those organisation who are not sure of the format or content to be used in a team health check document. Thus a template of this form is important as well as an inexpensive way to go about health check of a team.  In case you are searching for any kind of health template, you have come to the right website. We have many samples and examples of different kinds of templates.

“You can Download the Free Team Health Check Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Team Health Check Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Team health check template

Team health check template

Download Team health check template

Name of organisation: __________ [mention the name of the organisation or company]

Name of department: _____________ [mention the name of the department whose team is to be checked for health]

Name of doctor: __________ [mention the name of the doctor in charge for the health check up]

Name of hospital: __________ [mention the name of the hospital which is conducting tests]

Name of the team leader: ________ [mention the name of the team leader of the team]

Details of team members:

Name                Age           Date of birth               position in team

[Give details of the various members of the team according to the columns given]

Details of medical tests conducted:

Name                Blood group      Sugar level Blood pressure         weight  height

[Give details of the various members of the team in the given columns according to the tests conducted]

Medical history

Name            Any previous diseases            When was it diagnosed        Body part affected

[Give details of the medical history of each team member as given in the columns]

Current status [to be filled by doctor]

Name                Any serious report               Cure          Advice

[Give details of the current status and mention whether any serious observation has been derived from the tests conducted]

Final verdict:

The _____team is tested to be _______ [healthy/unhealthy] on an overall basis.