A technical presentation template is a plan or layout for technological or executive presentation that serves engineering or any other high tech purpose. It is mainly used by executives in corporate sectors.

You can Download the Free Technical Presentation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Technical Presentation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Technical Presentation Template

Technical Presentation Template

Download Technical Presentation Template

____________________ [Title of presentation]

Name __________________ [name of person giving the presentation]

________________________ [Name of the institute or firm]

Date ________ dd/mm/yyyy______ [date of the presentation]

Goal____________________ [Brief objective of the presentation]

Background ________________________ [Brief background of the presentation]

Basic principle __________________ [main aim of the presentation]

Description _________________________ [processes involved in the presentation]

Main facts [Highlight the main points of the presentation]

______________ [main fact 1]

______________ [main fact 2]

______________ [main fact 3]

______________ [main fact 4]

______________ [main fact 5]

Main figures [highlight the main figures]

________________ [Main figure 1]

________________ [Main figure 2]

________________ [Main figure 3]

________________ [Main figure 4]

________________ [Main figure 5]

Result ____________________ [Final outcome of the project]

Conclusion ________________________ [inference of the presentation]