A tenant invoice is a kind of an invoice which is drafted by a landlord to hand over a bill for rent payment to the tenant. The invoice consists of the amount that the tenant is due to pay either as a monthly rental charge or a cost for any kind of rule violation or harm to the landlord’s property in any way.

A tenant invoice is a formal sheet of paper specifying the exact amount. A tenant invoice template on the other hand is a document which helps a landlord to frame a tenant invoice and that too with the correct format and structure.

A tenant invoice template already has the layout of a tenant invoice and is left with spaces which the user can fill with appropriate information like the name of the tenant, the tenancy payment or rental payment due, the date on which the payment is due, the extra costs, the taxes and the total payment.

These headings are given in the template and the customization of it is left to the user that is the landlord in this case. Tenant invoice templatesare very useful, easily modifiable and can be found to be downloaded on the web by anyone.

Sample Tenant Invoice Template:

Tenant Invoice Template


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