A Texas rental agreement template is a document which outlines the rules and regulations of leasing a property or part of a property by the landlord to a tenant as codified by the state of Texas. It is a legal document that is valid in Texas and hence must be written in full knowledge of the terms and conditions governing such leases.

Sample Texas Rental Agreement Template

Texas Rental Agreement


On this day of ____________ [dd/mm/yy], a rental lease is effected hereby between _________________ [name of Landlord] [henceforth referred to as the Lessor] and _______________________ [name of Tenant] [henceforth referred to as the Lessee]. The address of the Lessor is ______________________ [Lessor address] and that of the Lessee is _______________________ [Lessee address].


The Lessor shall lease the following premise to the Lessee, located at:

Street Address: _______________________________

City: ________________________________________

State: Texas

Zip code: ___________________________________


The property is currently managed by _______________________________ [name of Property Manager] located at __________________________ [address]. He is also the facilitator of this agreement.


The Texas Rental Agreement is a [fixed/monthly] agreement which will [end on ___________ [date, in case of fixed term]/ be renewed every month upon the discretion of the Lessor] [please tick the relevant options].


The Lessee shall pay ______________ [rent amount] monthly for the entire duration of the agreement. For every payment that is unpaid, the Lessee shall pay Return Fee of ______________ [amount]. For every time the payment is made late, the Late Fee of _______________ [amount] must be paid by the Lessee. The payment must be made by the _________ [date] of every month.



Signature of Landlord/ Lessor: _______________________ Date: _______________

Signature of Tenant/ Lessee: ________________________ Date: _______________