A tourist pamphlet template is a readymade document which serves the purpose of a tourist pamphlet which is used to promote a tourist spot or a destination. A tourist pamphlet template is extremely useful as it can be easily customisable according to personal need and requirement.

You can Download the Free Tourist Pamphlet Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Tourist Pamphlet Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Tourist Pamphlet Template:

Tourist Pamphlet Template

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Name of the country/state: ______________ [mention here the name of the country of destination for which the pamphlet is being designed]

Name of the tourist organisation: ______________ [mention here the name of the organisation which is promoting tourism in the country/state by designing the tourist pamphlet]

[Insert here a picture demonstrating a famous activity on the destination]


_____________ [give a brief introduction about the country or destination emphasising on its history and culture] this section must speak about things for which the destination is known for]

Places to visit:

_______________ [This section of the pamphlet must consist of all the places that one must visit during the tour to the destination point wise.]

Places of historical importance:

_____________ [mention all the places which hold importance on the pages of history. Write down a little story related with each place.]

Activities to perform:

_______________ [Write down the famous and popular activities which can be performed at this destination] Write about the specific locations of these activities]

Weather conditions:

___________ [mention the weather conditions dividing it upon the basis of climate and seasons]

Clothes to carry:

___________ [mention the type of clothes one should carry during different seasons and weather conditions]

Tips and suggestions:

[Mention the points to remember while touring this destination]