Whenever a company organizes a training program for its employees or new recruits, then it specifies the purpose and the agenda of the training in a written document which is often termed as a training agenda.   A training agenda must talk about the reason for conducting the training, the exact schedule of the training program, the time and total time period of the training and other such details. Often, companies do not have the required time to frame training agendas for all the training programs and in such situations; they make use of templates which are known as training agenda templates.

Training agenda templates are those documents which act readymade training agendas and can be used at any given point of time. These templates only need the user to enter exact training related details so that the document can be customized as per the needs and specifications of the training program.  The following are some more things to know about a training agenda template:

  • A training agenda template is left with blank spaces wherever the user needs to fill in particular training related information.
  • Most of the information and broad fields are already present in the template so that the user can save a lot of his/her time.
  • A training agenda template can be modified and edited by making just a few changes and this is one of the benefits of using it.
  • Training agenda templates are available for free or for a certain cost on many websites so that they can be downloaded and used.

Sample Training Agenda Template:

Training Agenda Template

Download Training Agenda Template