Every workplace, educational institute or other organizations conduct extensive training programs so as to train their new recruits, students or existing employees so as to make them more productive.  But to find out whether or not these training programs are producing expected results or not needs proper evaluation of the training in the form of a training evaluation analysis. Training evaluation analysis is a report which tries to figure out whether the training is effective or not. On the other hand, a training evaluation analysis template is a document which can be converted into an actual training evaluation just by introducing a little moreinformation to it or making a few changes. The following points will explain more about the same.

  • A training evaluation analysis template can be considered as a customizable document which can be quickly used for training analysis purposes by business organizations and other such entities.
  • The main need of such templates is for those who are unsure of the format and content needed in a training evaluation analysis or may not have the needed time to draft one.
  • A training evaluation analysis presents a proper outline and structure of an analysis document and is left with blank spaces which the user can fill in to personalize the document.
  • Such templates are very popular and are commonly used. Their easy availability makes them even more popular.
  • Training evaluation analysis templates are also provided with proper instructions which help people fill them in without any doubts or confusion.

Sample Training Evaluation Analysis Template:

Training Evaluation Analysis Template

Download Training Evaluation Analysis Template