A training feedback evaluation is a kind of an evaluation which is done for a training program. These evaluations are conducted by observers who review the training program and tell whether the training is up to the mark or not. To conduct such trainings, help of training feedback evaluation forms can be taken. A training feedback evaluation template is a ready -made training feedback evaluation which can be used to evaluate any kind of a training program.

The following are some more details about a training feedback evaluation template:

  • Training feedback evaluation template is a document which consists of almost all the details which are needed in such feedback evaluation forms. These templates are left with blank spaces which can be filled in by the user as per his/her convenience or details of the training program.
  • A training feedback evaluation template is also provided with the instructions that are needed to fill in the blank spaces. Thus the user has the chance to personalize the evaluation or tailor make it.
  • If you wish to make use of such a template, then you can easily find it online either for download or for purchase for a certain small cost.

Sample Training Feedback Evaluation Template:

Training Feedback Evaluation Template