For every workplace, every industry and all companies in the world, the success obtained greatly depends on the kind of training that is provided to its workforce or employee base. Where on one hand, good quality training can make an average skilled and medium educated workforce highly productive; on the other hand, even well-educated and highly skilled employees may perform below par with either no training or low training standards. To analyze the requirement and need of training within a firm, a training needs analysis document is used. Such documents evaluate the kind and level of training that its employees may need.

A training needs analysis template on the other hand is a document which can be used directly as an analysis report by company owners and trainers. Such templates have an outline structure and broad headings of a training needs analysis document and can be easily molded or modified by users.  There are blank spaces left throughout the template and these spaces can be filled in with the needed information and the purpose of customization.  The following are a few benefits of training needs analysis templates:

  • Such templates help companies and training centers in saving a lot of their valuable time since these already have almost half the content needed.
  • These templates provide the exact and correct format or structure required in such a formal document which avoids the need for the user to draft as per strict format rules.
  • Another benefit is the easy usability and high level of customization.

Sample Training Needs Analysis Template:

Training Needs Analysis Template

 Download Training Needs Analysis Template