Training Website Template

Training website template is a document that shows the design and segmentation’s needed for a training website. Various training’s that are provided along with the upcoming training’s, media talks, and contact details are provided on the website.

Sample Training Website Template

GymBase - Training Website Template

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Name of the company: ___________________________________ [Put the logo also]

Catch line: ___________________________________

Home [Put training images]

About us

The beginning: ______________________________________________________________

Developments [in chronological order]: __________________________________________


CEO:                         ________________________________________

Directors:           ________________________________________

Administration:    ________________________________________

Upcoming trainings:

1. Name: _____________________________________________ Location: _____________

2. ___________________________________________________ Location: _____________

3. ___________________________________________________ Location: _____________

Type of training provided

Technical skill building: – [Computer languages, Electrical, electronic training, etc]

Name: ___________________ Description: __________________________

Applications: ______________ Prospective clients: ____________________

Soft skill training: – [Communication skills, different languages, Personality development, etc]

Name: ___________________ Description: __________________________

Applications: ______________ Prospective clients: ____________________

[Name of the website] In News


Contact us

Training needed:         ______________________

Location:            ______________________

Batch size:         ______________________

Trainee details:   _______________________________________________________

Contact Email id:         ______________________ [Provide a representative email id]

Telephone:         ______________________ [Office telephone number]

Office Address:   ______________________

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