A transport quotation template is a depiction of the costing entailed in transporting passengers or goods from a certain place to a destination. The transport fares and charges fluctuate according to the distance and type of vehicle hired. Thus the document has to be laid out in a manner such that the vehicle description and transportation conditions are present vividly. The template may be produced on request by the customers and, therefore, the details should be included in a simplistic fashion without making exaggeration or complication of the information required to be put in. The content should be enclosed with a signature of the service representative.

You can Download the Free Transport Quotation Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Transport Quotation Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Transport Quotation Template

Transport Quotation Template

Download Transport Quotation Template

NAME of the transport service agency: ______________________ [Mention the name here]


Quotation introduction: Transporter’s information:
Quotation number: ___________ [Mention the tender number]Quotation for transportation of  ________________ [Mention the item to be transported]

Dispatching source: ________ [Mention the name of the station]

Destination station: ________ [Mention the name of the target stop]

Name: ________ [Provide full name of the representative]Contact sources: ______ [Mention address]

______ [Mention number]

______ [Mention email id]

Type of vehicle: ______ [State the vehicle type]

Vehicle number: ______ [State the license number]

Zone [Mention the zone of transportation] Places [Name the places covered in the area of the zone] Approximate distance (in kilometres) [Estimate the distance from the zone to the destination station] Quoted prices (in dollars) [Indicate the estimated cost of haulage]
Minimum Maximum Per kilometre per ton Per 100 kg weight of the item carried
Transporter’s Signature: ________________________