Travel agency letterhead template refers to a template which can be used by a travel agency in their search to make a letterhead of their own. Travel agencies are the businesses or business organisations which deal in making travel arrangements for their customers. The whole point of getting a properly framed letterhead is to make the business operations or the paper works related to the business transactions appear pleasing to all the customers and the associates. The letterhead template will thus generally contain spaces to provide the name of the agency, the agency’s contact details, address and the hours when they are operating.

Any official announcement made by a travel agency within the office or any notification sent by it in to their partners outside of the immediate office, all should be done on the company letterhead. The company letterhead has an importance in certifying the authenticity of the information as actually being meant by the respective agency. The letterhead must thus be given important and be prepared with caution. The templates come into play here as they are prepared in accordance with the set format or formats and make sure that all the information about the agency is included in the template.

Sample Travel Agency Letterhead Template:


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