A travel agency template is a ready to use document which is used to serve the purpose of a travel agency pamphlet or brochure. Such templates consist of the main and basic outlines and are left with blank spaces which can be easily used and filled with information of the travel agency as per the requirement and specifications.

Sample Travel agency template:

Travel Agency Template

Download Travel agency template

Name: _____________ [mention here the name of the travel agency]

Address: __________ [mention here the address of the travel agency office]

Other branches: __________ [mention the address of all the other branches of the travel agency office]

Contact number: ________ [mention here the various contact numbers of travel agency]

Contact person: _____________ [mention the name or names of the contact person/persons of the travel agency]

Ongoing travel discounts: _________ [mention the special discounts or offers going on at present]

Hot travel destinations for this season: ____________ [write down all the favourite travel destinations in and outside the country at present]

Best airline fares: ____________ [mention special airline fares and the offers going on at present related reduced airline prices]

Best railway fares: ____________ [mention the special discounts on railway prices and any special offers running at present]

Best hotel deals: ___________ [mention the best hotel deals provided by the travel agency at the moment]

Best travel packages: _____________ [give information about all the travel packages and the best options to pick from]

Family trips: ____________ [mention best family trips options]

Honeymoon travel: _____________ [mention the best honeymoon travel options and offers]

Adventure trips: _________ [mention the best adventure trip options]