Travel Brochure Template

A travel brochure template is printed and distributed by the travelling firms in order to target the prospective customers. Such a travel brochure template is prepared with a number of high resolution images, details & other information and with an interactive layout. What these types of templates do is that they offer a well outlined document which can be used by any travel company to advertise itself and talk about its main attractions. This is possible as the main content is pre written and only spaces that are left are for the travel company’s personal details and information.

This fact makes any travel brochure template a useful and inexpensive method for a travel company to popularise itself in the market.

Sample Travel Brochure Template



Download Brochure Template


Download Travel Brochure Template


Logo: ______________________

Name of the travelling firm: _____________________ [basic information of the travelling firm is printed]

Image gallery: ______________________________ [a beautiful image of one of the travelling destinations is printed]

Offered travelling packages: _________________________ [this is one of the most important sections of a brochure that includes the information of the travelling destinations, worth seeing tourist places and food & accommodation information.]

Cost: ____________________ [here, an interested person can estimates about the total cost of the desired package.]

Travel tips: __________________ [additional section to invite the potential travelers.]

Approach us:

Name of the concerned person: _______________

Registered Address: _____________________

Phone number: _________________________

Fax Number: __________________

E-mail id: ____________________

Website: _____________________

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