A travel calendar template is a readymade calendar which can be used by frequently travelling individuals for their personal use. Such templates are filled with a detailed and outlined format which can be used easily and without any difficulty. Any travel calendar contains a travel schedule which is quite important for people who travel throughout the year on regular basis.

You can Download the Free Travel Calendar Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Travel Calendar Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Travel calendar template:

Travel Calendar Template

Download Travel calendar template

Name of person: _______________ [mention the name of the person for whom travel calendar is made]

Profession: ______________ [write down the name of the profession in which person is involved]

Places visited frequently: ____________ [write down the names of the cities which are visited by person most frequently]

Address: _____________ [write down the permanent residential address of the person]

Contact number: _____________ [write down the contact number of the person]

Email address: _____________ [write down the email address of the person]



Date          Day          Travel destination        Travel duration        Take off time   Purpose

[This section must be filled with information of travelling of the person in the month of January]


Date                Day                Travel destination          Travel duration         Take off time   Purpose

[Similarly, fill this column with information of travelling in the month of February]

[In a similar way, make a chart of all months till December]

Tentative plan information:

[In this section write down the names of all the destinations where the person wishes to travel but the plan is tentative. Give tentative dates as well]

Cancelled plans:

[Make a list of all the cancelled plans here as soon as they get cancelled]