A travel gift certificate template is a readymade document which will serve the same purpose as a travel gift certificate which a company (or maybe an individual) would purchase to present to somebody as a gift or as a reward for a contest. The user of this template will need to put in names and other details as per his/ her company’s requirements in space provided.

You can Download the Free Travel Gift Certificate Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Travel Gift Certificate Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Travel Gift Certificate Template

Travel Gift Certificate Template

Download Travel Gift Certificate Template

Name of the Company


(In the space provided above please fill in the name of the company / travel agency from which the travel package has been purchased)

Customize Message


(In the space provided above fill in any message that the presenter/ person purchasing would like to convey to the person being gifted the voucher)

Presented To:


(In the space above fill in the name of the recipient of the gift/ voucher/ certificate)

In the amount of:


(In the space provided above fill in the amount of the certificate/ amount of the package)

Compliments of:


(In the space above fill in the name of the company which is presenting the voucher or the individual who bought it to present as a gift, whichever is the case.)

Authorized Signature:


(In the blank above will be the signature of the authorized personnel, these signature make the certificate valid. Without them the certificate will be of no value.)

Expiration Date:


(In this blank fill in the date up to which the travel certificate holds good)

Rules and Regulations:     (Under this head specify any conditions which should be met by the user of the voucher)

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