A travel guide template is a prewritten guide for the purpose of travel. Any such template proves to be of great help for those who wish to publish a travel guide for visitors of a famous travel destination or landmark and need to be guided through the place with the help of a written booklet of document. Such templates prove to be really useful as they help the organisations to save time as well as money which would have been otherwise used to draft the guide.

You can Download the Free Travel Guide Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Travel Guide Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Travel guide template:

Travel Guide Template

Download Travel guide template

Name of place/destination: _____________ [give the name of the place of travel]

Location of place: _____________ [give a brief description of the location of the place in terms of surrounding places or landmarks]

History of place: ____________ [give a brief history of the place and how it came into existence. This section of the document can also consist of facts which have been handed over to the present by the historical era]

Best places or sites to visit: ________ [give details of all the best places or landmarks to visit in the destination or place with sufficient importance being given to each place]

Special food items: __________ [give details of the special food items of the place]

Places of political importance: __________ [give details of all the places which hold political importance]

Places for adventure: _________ [give an account of all the places for adventure or adventure sports]

Places of natural beauty: _____________ [give an account of all the places which hold natural beauty treasure]



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