A travel itinerary template is a readymade document which is useful because of its nature of serving the travel itinerary purpose. Such templates consist of almost all the information which is required to make a travel program and only need touches of customisable information. Hence travel itinerary templates are very widely used.

You can Download the Free Travel Itinerary Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Travel Itinerary Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Travel itinerary template:

Travel Itinerary Template

Download Travel itinerary template

Commencement of travel date: ____________ [mention date of commencement of travelling in dd/mm/yy format]

Day 1

Flight time: _________ [mention the time of take off for the flight]

Reaching time: _______ [mention the time of landing of flight]

Travel destination Number 1: ________ [mention the name of travel destination number 1]

Hotel name: ________ [mention the name of hotel]

Schedule in travel destination number 1:

Reach hotel at: ___________ [time]

Overnight stay at hotel

Day 2

Breakfast timing: _________ [mention timing of breakfast]

Leave hotel at ______ [time]

Next destination is ________ [mention name of destination 1]

Spend ____ [hours] at sight and proceed to __________ [mention name of next destination]

Next destination:

[In a similar way jot down the program for day 2 of the travelling]

Reach hotel at: ________ [time] for dinner in the buffet dinner organised by hotel

Day 3

Leave for next destination: ___________ [write down the name of the place or next city of travelling]

[In a similar way write down the program for day 3 along with dinner, breakfast and lunch details]

[In a similar way write down the format for the travel itinerary with emphasis on each new day and reaching back to origin destination details]