A travel photography template is a readymade document which contains all the photographs that a person has taken on a trip to a particular destination. These kinds of templates consist of a prewritten outlines structure which can be used by photography enthusiasts to make it their personal webpage or column. The main use of these documents is that users do not have to waste any extra time to draft a format and can start directly using these templates for their personal use.

You can Download the Free Travel Photography Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Travel Photography Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Travel photography template:

Travel Photography Template

Download Travel photography template

Name: _________ [mention here the name of the person who is the photographer]

Contact number: ______ [mention here the contact number of the traveller/photographer]

Email address: ________ [mention here the email address of the traveller/photographer]

Address: __________ [mention here the residential/official address of the traveller/photographer]

Name of travel destination number 1:

[Mention here the name of the first travel destination whose pictures will be displayed first]

Photograph 1:_________________ [put the picture and give name of the photograph and the details of the scene or frame]

Photograph 2: ______________ [Similarly put the picture and give a description

[Use this space to put photographs of the travel destination along with full detailed description of the place or scene]

Name of travel destination number 2:

[Mention here the name of the second travel destination whose pictures will be displayed second]

[Follow the name procedure for travel destination 2 as followed in 1]

[In a similar way make a photograph album/webpage of all the travel destinations or places]

[In the end give a line describing travel photography experience]