A travel PowerPoint template is a document which is prewritten in the form of a PowerPoint presentation which is used by travel companies to attract more clients. Such templates consist of all the matter which is needed to promote the travel company. The only information which a person needs to add in these kinds of templates is the information which is subjective to a particular company.

Sample Travel PowerPoint template:

Travel Powerpoint Template

Download Travel PowerPoint template

Slide 1

Name of travel agency: _________ [mention the name of the travel agency in capitals]

Logo of travel agency: ____________ [put the logo of the travel agency]

Motto of travel agency: ___________ [write down the motto of the travel agency]

Slide 2

Company’s policy/aim: _________ [write down the aim or the policy of the travel company]

Company’s achievements: _______ [write down the company’s achievements in the travel world]

Slide 3

Address of the travel company: __________ [give the address/addresses of various offices of the travel agency]

Contact number: ______________ [Give the various contact numbers of the travel agency]

Slide 4

Special packages: ________ [give details of the best packages in the ongoing travel season]

Special discounts offered: __________ [give details of the ongoing discounts and season sales]

Slide 5

Plan your trip with us

[In this slide give description of the best places to visit and the details of the packages along with rates]

Slide 6

[In this slide mention various kinds of trips specially designed for honeymoon couples, youngsters, families and for friends]

Slide 7

[Use this slide to give out information on closing deals]