A travel schedule template is a readymade schedule for a travelling person. Such templates can be made on demand or are available on the internet for use for those persons or groups who travel on a regular basis and need a travel chart or schedule which is prewritten. Any such templates help to save a lot of time which would have been otherwise wasted on drafting the outline of the travel schedule.

You can Download the Free Travel Schedule Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Travel Schedule Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Travel schedule template:

Travel Schedule Template

Download Travel schedule template

Name of person: _______________ [mention the name of the person for whom travel schedule is made]

Name of group: ________________ [mention the name of the group to which person belongs]

Places visited frequently: ____________ [write down the names of the cities which are visited by person most frequently]

Address: _____________ [write down the permanent residential address of the person]

Contact number: _____________ [write down the contact number of the person]

Email address: _____________ [write down the email address of the person]

Travel Schedule:

January 2011

Places to visit: ____________ [mention all the travel destinations to be visited]

Travel dates: _____________ [mention all the dates of travelling]

Duration of all travels: ____________ [mention all the periods of travelling]

Travel purpose: ________________ [mention the purpose of each travel]

Reserved ticket details: ___________ [mention the details of all the places which are reserved]

Tentative programs: _____________ [Mention the details of all the tentative plans along with their respective dates]

[In a similar manner, frame a schedule for all the other months of the year or on quarter or half basis]



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