Travel ticket template is a readymade document which will serve the purpose of any travel ticket. The user of this particular template will need to fill in gaps/ blank spaces provided with the particular and specific details of his / her own travel details. When these details are filled this template will be a complete ticket which may be put to appropriate use by the individual.

You can Download the Free Travel Ticket Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Travel Ticket Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Travel Ticket Template

Travel Ticket Template

Download Travel Ticket Template


Passenger’s Details

Name: ________________________ (Fill in the name of the person travelling)

Age: ________________________ (Fill in the age of the person travelling)

Sex: ________________________ (Fill in the gender of the person travelling)

Address: _____________________ (Fill in the full postal address of the person travelling)

Contact Info: (Fill in details of the person travelling)

Mobile: _______________

Phone: ________________

E-Mail: _______________

Flight Details

Flight No.: ___________________ (fill in the flight number)

Class: _______________________ (Fill in the class for which tickets are booked i.e. economy, first etc.)

Seat No. _____________________ (Fill in the seat no for the passenger)

Departure Details:

Time: ___________________ (Fill in the time of flight departure)

Date: ____________________ (Fill in the date of flight departure)

State/ City/ Country: ________________ (Fill in the city from which the departure is being made)

Airport/ Terminal: __________________ (Fill in the airport and terminal of flight’s departure details)

Arrival Details:

Airport/ Terminal: ___________________ (Fill in the airport/ terminal of flight’s arrival details)

Date: ___________________________ (Fill in the date of flight arrival)

Time: ___________________________ (Fill in the time of flight arrival)

State/ City/ Country: _____________________ (Fill in the city of final arrival)