Brochures are those kinds of documents which are used for any kind of informative purpose or marketing requirement of an individual, a group or a company. Brochures are of many types and one of the most common kinds of a tri fold brochure. A tri fold brochure has total of 6 leaflets which can be folded on the one another. These brochures are used in the case when the content or information to be provided is huge. A tri fold brochure template is a ready to use tri fold document which has the outline and design and the only thing that the user needs to do is to add relevant information in it.

Since tri fold brochure templates are left with blank spaces, users can easily fill in the content that they wish to convey through the brochure. These brochures have fields left for the headings, subheadings, borders and points to be entered and hence are easily customizable. Tri fold brochure templates are available on the internet in many different designs and formats and depending on individual need, the preferred brochure template can be chosen by the user.  These templates are often available for free or may cost a minimal amount.

Sample Tri Fold Brochure Template:


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