A vendor evaluation analysis template, as the term clearly denotes, is a layout that contains guidelines for creating a document that would analyze the evaluation process of a particular vendor. The template is so prepared that it presents a general structure for such an analysis, without specifying the exact vendor or the type of his/her job or the evaluation being conducted upon that vendor.

It is required that a vendor evaluation analysis template must maintain a standard format of representation of necessary details, such that any document that is to be developed based on the template can be easily prepared by simply modifying certain sections that occur exclusively in that particular vendor evaluation.

The vendor evaluation analysis template must pertain to the standard rules and regulations, so as to make them legally acceptable as per State norms.

Since the templates serve as important guidelines and basic documents to rely on for conducting vendor evaluation analysis and effectively documenting them, it is important that the minor aspects be taken into thorough consideration while framing the template.

Vendor Evaluation Analysis Template

Vendor Evaluation Analysis Template