Wedding Brochure Template

A wedding brochure template is used by the wedding planner associations to deal with the customers by giving them an overview of the offered wedding services. Such a template is uniquely drafted with interactive layout and high resolution images. The use of these template is for those who wish to take external help as far as the content and the format or structure of the wedding brochure is concerned. Spaces are left for the wedding planner organisations to add in their personal details so as to customise the document according to their specifications. Thus any such template is quite useful as well as the most inexpensive way to take out a wedding brochure for a organisation.

Sample Wedding Brochure Template



Download Wedding Brochure Template


wedding brochure

Download Wedding Brochure Template


Logo: _____________________

Name: _____________________

Image gallery: _____________________ [these basic details are printed at the top of the brochure to attract the attention of the reader]

About us: __________________ [an overview is required to educate the potential clients]

How we works: ___________________ [here, the method of functioning is printed]

Offered wedding services: ___________________ [this section illustrates the offered wedding services.]

Wedding packages: __________________________ [in this section, wedding packages are explained including cost.]

Tips for a unique wedding ceremony: ______________ [here, the beneficial tips for a wonderful wedding ceremony arrangement are mentioned]

Contact us: __________________ [this section reveals the address, phone number, fax number, e-mail id and website of the wedding brochure]

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