A wedding event is a very important occasion in a person’s life and the wedding event template needs to have correct information related to various aspects of the wedding event.

These templates must consist of the information related to the bride, groom, venue, date, timings and others.

A wedding event template is a formatted presentation/ record of the details of the wedding taking place. The template is prepared to make it convenient to make such records. It is very easy to use this template, anyone willing to do so need to fill in the blanks in the template with the particulars of the respective wedding. It mentions the name of the bride, the groom, the wedding date, the venue along with a personalized message (optional) from the bride- groom.

“You can Download the Free Wedding Event Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Wedding Event Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.”

Sample Wedding Event Template:

Wedding Event Template


Download Wedding Event Template


[Mention the name of the bride]



[Mention the name of the groom]

Are getting married on ______________ [mention the date on which the marriage is taking place] at _____________ [mention the name of the venue of the marriage] located at ________________ [mention the address of the venue]. The map of the venue is given below.

_____________________________________________________ [give the map and the directions of the venue]

The event begins from ____________ [mention time of the event]. The marriage event will be followed by dinner which will be organized at ____________ [mention the name of the venue where dinner is to be held]