A wedding is not just one day of celebrations or ceremonies but is an event which requires prior planning.  To make a wedding successful, one needs to take care of many aspects from shopping to venue to decorations, music, cake and catering. Getting all of these tasks right without having a wedding planning checklist may prove to be a challenging affair and this is why making wedding checklists is very important. Wedding planning checklist must list down all the to-do tasks for the preparation of a wedding. A wedding planning checklist template is a pre made wedding planning checklist which can be modified by anyone who is using it.

Wedding planning checklist template is an extremely useful ready to use list which has almost all the information which any such list needs and can be personalized as per personal requirements or wedding plans. The template is available online in several themes, designs and formats and users can choose their favorite from them. In the busy days ahead of a wedding, these templates prove very time saving as they are easy to use.  Some fields given in such a template include name of the bride and groom, list of shopping items, list of booking items etc.

Sample Wedding Planning Checklist Template:


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