A wedding program template, as clear from the very term, is prepared to convey information regarding the wedding program of a particular couple, by the couple themselves or by some family members or representatives, generally to the ones who have been invited and will be a part of the wedding program. The program template should bear a jovial look considering that it is prepared for wedding purpose. The names of the bride and the groom are to be included along with details of the program date, time, location, and the activities that are to take place on that special day. Since these are templates for wedding programs, they should generally be prepared in a colourful and interesting pattern to bring in the freshness of the occasion and express happiness and joy.

You can Download the Free Wedding Program Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Wedding Program Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Wedding Program Template:

Wedding Program Template

Download Wedding Program Template

The Wedding Program


                                          _________________________ [mention name of the bride]


                                           _________________________ [mention name of the groom]

Will be conducted on:

__________________ [give the date of wedding]

At: _____________________________ [mention the venue for the event

_____________________________________________ [give directions to help reach the location]

From: ______________________[mention the time of the wedding program]

You all have been cordially invited to the wedding program and we will eagerly look forward to your joyful presence at the occasion to bless the newly wed couple.

Thanking You

______________________________[name of the person framing the program document]


[give a list of all the events that are to take place at the wedding program]


[Describe the events, their time, way of execution, major factors, etc.]

  1. Reception of guests and exchange of greetings
  1. Wedding Ceremony
  1. Religious proceedings [Church activities, etc.]
  1. Song, dance, dinner and other such activities.