A weekly class schedule template is a readymade class schedule which is drafted on a weekly basis. Such templates are customisable in nature and can be modified as per personal requirements and specifications of the person or party using them. A weekly class schedule template is a kind of a template which can be used at a number of different places such as school classes, college classes, musical instrument classes, or any other regular or weekly class. These templates are easy to use and can be available quite commonly. Given below is a sample of a weekly class schedule template.

You can Download the Free Weekly Class Schedule Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Weekly Class Schedule Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Weekly Class Schedule Template:

Weekly Class Schedule Template

Download Weekly class schedule template

Logo of the institute

[Insert here the logo of the institute/college or centre which is using the template]

NAME OF INSTITUTE: ___________________[mention here the name of the institute or centre which is using the weekly class schedule template

Address: ___________________[mention the full address of the institute along with the pin code]

Contact details:___________________[write down the phone number(s) of the institute]

Email address and web site: _______________[write down the website address and/or the email address]

Contact person name: _______________[mention here the name of the contact person of the institute/centre]

Name of course: ____________[mention the name of the course]

Number of students:_______________[mention the number of students in the course]

Name of teacher/instructor: ________________[mention the name of the teacher or instructor of the course]


Timings Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

[fill the columns as per the timings and days of the class]


[Write down the various points to remember such as change in schedule, rules and regulations etc…]