A Weightloss pamphlet template is a readymade pamphlet which is based on the topic of weightloss.  Such templates serve many purposes, the most important one of them being that they help to save time as well as resources which is used to frame the content.

You can Download the Free Weightloss Pamphlet Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Weightloss Pamphlet Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Weightloss Pamphlet Template:

Weightloss Pamphlet Template

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Name of the weightloss program: ______________ [mention here the name of the program promoting weightloss or the title of the weightloss scheme]

Name of the organisation/company: ______________ [mention here the name of the company or organisation promoting weightloss through this pamphlet]

Health and overweight:

____________ [This section of the weightloss pamphlet speaks about the various health issues caused due to weight gain or being overweight. Here one can give in points the various diseases and ailments that can be caused because of gaining extra pounds.]

Weight control options:

  • Plan a diet or go to a dietician to suggest a proper diet plan for you
  • Exercise and fix a routine for daily fitness and health care.
  • Weight loss surgery__________[give description]

____________ [This section of the weightloss pamphlet speaks about all those options or methods through which a person can control weight from increasing and Infact reduce it to an optimal level.]

Benefits of weightloss:

  • Gives you confidence and a better outlook towards life
  • Proves to be a way to eradicate a number of diseases or ailments such as high Blood pressure and heart disease risk
  • Makes you healthier and happier

___________________ [this section must speak about the various positive points about losing weight]