A welcome brochure template is an essential tool widely used in the business organizations to commence the new deals and to target the potential leads in the market. These types of templates contain the company and business information along with all the major details of the organisation starting from their contact information to the kind of work they do. These templates are aimed at providing users with an inexpensive and time saving way to launch their own template. This is possible as the nature of such document is highly customisable and thus can be given personal touches.

Samples and examples of such templates can be found easily on this website.

Sample welcome brochure template



Download Welcome Brochure Template 


Download Welcome Brochure Template 


Logo: __________________________ [Here the logo of the company is printed]

Company name: ___________________ [The name of the company is given here]

Image: _____________________________ [a high resolution image of the company is printed]

About us: ___________________________ [history and mission of the company is mentioned here]

Join us: ____________________________ [a number of benefits of joining such a business organization are mentioned]

Offered goods and services: ___________________ [products are explained here including usage]

Achievements: ________________________ [accomplishments and rewards are mentioned in order to show the efficiency]

Approach us:

Concerned department: _________________

Address: ____________________________

Toll free contact number: ______________

Fax Number: _______________________

Email id: _________________

URL: ___________________ [contact details are mentioned to help out the interested clients]