Letters of agreement are mostly used in the business world for various purposes between any two parties. The parties can be a contractor and a house owner, a client and a consultant, a supplier and a customer, or between department of a company and the management. Knowing what is a letter of agreement template, helps to ensure that the required information pertaining to the business transaction is presented professionally.

There are many types of templates which are available on the internet. You can easily search with the help of a simple browser. When you find the one to be used, you can open the template and edit it, to suit the requirements of the circumstance at hand. The template which you download should be editable in any web browser or Adobe Acrobat, in some cases.

Letter of agreement is generally used to provide clarity about the arrangements related to work between the parties involved. It should list names of both the parties and what deal they are agreeing to.

Letter of agreement template basically includes the following information.

  • The letter should specify that it is an agreement for doing a business transaction.
  • Name of the undertaking deal must be specified and described.
  • It is better to thank the client or customer, for selecting you to do the business with or for permitting you to prepare the agreement letter.
  • The other important details to be included are cost, schedule, deadline and the payment terms.
  • The closing should include a go-ahead statement which must be signed and returned, along with an advance payment, if any.

The letter should be written in a professional manner and a copy of the agreement should be provided to each of the individuals involved. All the information should be provided in detail. Ensure that it is clear and unambiguous. If any specification is unclear, it could pose serious trouble for both the parties.