Tickets are like entry passes that provides one with the access to enter a certain place or travel by a certain transport. Depending on the access they provide, tickets can be of various kinds like movie tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, event tickets, airline tickets, parking tickets, etc. It is basically a piece of paper that bears detailed information of the place to which the access is being offered, the identification of the person to whom it is offered, the price at which it is being provided and the date and time till which the access is valid.

A ticket template is a readymade outline of a ticket that can be delineated, customized and reused as per the occasion and issued to interested customers. These templates are drafted by experts in accordance with the universally accepted format and must contain all the major headings with proper spaces that ought to be filled in by the user before its sale. Following are a few guidelines that may be consulted while designing a ticket template:

  • The template must have space for inserting the logo of the company that is issuing the ticket. This would lend an authenticity to the ticket and instill a sense of reliability in the customer.
  • There must be lineation for entering the serial number, date, occasion and other relevant details that would render functionality to the piece of paper and transform it into an official access pass.
  • The template must bear spaces to incorporate detailed description of the facility to which the access is being provided and its associate information.
  • In case of event ticket templates, there must be a section where an outline of the program is explained in detail.
  • The template must have provision for stating the validity of the license and the terms and conditions involved in maintaining the legitimacy of the ticket.