If you are planning to use a tri fold brochure for your business, you should have knowledge about what is a tri fold brochure template. Tri fold brochure template is a part of the business documents, used by many organizations. Most often, tri fold brochures are used by businesses and companies as a handout, which consists of a summary of their products or services. It is a very popular document for business promotional activities, apart from the business card.

A trifold brochure template refers to a brochure having three fold document, rather than the commonly seen single page or two fold brochures. This serves as a plus point for the company, which decides to go for tri fold brochure, as it includes more information, besides being stylish and handy.

How to create

You can take the help of a professional graphic designer to create a customized tri fold brochure. You can specify the design and layout according to your choice. You need to spend some money for this, which depends on the artwork. The other alternative is to use a tri fold brochure template, to get the design you are looking for.


There a number of tri fold brochure templates available on the internet, which you can easily download for free and use them. This is very cost effective and you can get exactly, the design which you want. Using your creativity, you can make the best use of Tri Fold brochure templates, by providing most information possible and yet keeping it precise. You also have the choice of using the tear line and the third section for obtaining information from clients.

Pre-designed and pre-formatted brochure templates consist of artwork for images in the background. You can fill it with your business related information or add your photos to it. You may also use different themes of Word to change font and colors. Find a tri fold brochure template which offers complete color design, on the front as well as back. You can find brochures in three different sizes: legal, letter and tabloid sizes. Determine what size you require for your specific needs.