An office template is used in most organizations to plan for team wise or organization wise activities. An office template is the basic methodology followed by organizational members to achieve its short term, medium terms and long term goals of the organization. Essentially an office template contains details on various operational activities planned in the near future with the deadlines and the people responsible for each of the activities. It may be prepared at a broader level and at a more specific level. By following the below points, one should be able to make a well drafted office template.

Points to be kept in mind while preparing an office template:

  • Start with the name of the company or organization for which the office template is being prepared. Mention the full address of the company below the name as a general protocol for any official communication.
  • Mention the agenda of the office template with respect to the scope and deliverables expected out of the office template at the end of the term of the agenda,
  • Note the date, time and location of the office template so that if there is a meeting regarding it, then everyone concerned can assemble at the location.
  • Mention who the office template is directed to. The purpose of the office template, the start dates and end dates as applicable should be made a part of the office template.
  • Below that the preparer can make a tabular format of the list of activities that are planned as a part of the office template with the time periods mentioned for each activity along with the deadlines.
  • Each of the activities should mention the person responsible for the delivery of each activity. Each responsible person should drive the activity towards the completion.
  • If anything is pending as next action item, it can be mentioned as part of the next office template.