A word brochure template is a readymade structure offered by word processing software that is used to create a brochure. Brochures are documents which are used to give information about a product, organisation, service or event in an attractive manner. Word has many templates which can be used to make a brochure by filling up the empty spaces provided in the template. A brochure template must have categories which describe the product or event, address, price, timings and other information depending on the topic the brochure is talking about. One can then modify certain elements in the template according to one’s own requirements and also add pictures to brighten up the brochure.

You can Download the Free Word Brochure Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Word Brochure Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Word Brochure Template:

Word Brochure Template

Download Word Brochure Template

Name: [Give the name of institute, organisation or company and make it in bigger than the rest of the brochure]

Slogan or motto: [Give the slogan or motto of the organisation, something that will draw readers to it]


Insert photograph of organisation or product



Services or Characteristics [Give a list of the services the organisation offers, for eg, any courses, maintenance services or characteristics of the products to attract customers]


1)  ___________

2)  ___________

3)  ___________


1)  __________

2)  __________

3)  __________


Customer reviews: [Give customer quotes about their experience with the organisation]

Customer 1: [Insert quote] [Insert photo]   Customer 2: [Insert quote] [Insert photo]

For further details, please contact us or visit our website at:

Address: [Mention the address of the organisation]

Phone number: [Give the phone number of the organisation]

Email ID: [Give email ID or website of the organisation]