A word default template is the basic blank template that appears whenever one opens a word processing software, like Microsoft Word, in order to create a word document. Although there are many templates available in Microsoft Word for various purposes or for creating a text document, the default word template has simple fonts, usually Calibri, and a standard size like 11, which is thought to be suitable for almost all purposes. Depending on one’s requirements, one can modify this template and make changes to the font type, size and design of the page. You can also change the default word template and select the one you like from the list of templates and this way whenever one opens Word, the new default template will appear.

You can Download the Free Word Default Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Word Default Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Word Default Template:

Word Default Template

Download Word Default Template

Title: [Give the heading or the title of the document]

 Introduction: [Mention the important points of the document a brief manner so that the reader knows what to expect]Contents: [Add chapters and pages with titles to make it easier for the reader to know which page to refer to for what chapter]
 Body: [Write in details about the topic mentioned in the document by using bullet points if required.][One can also add diagrams, tables and pictures to the body of the text]  [Insert photograph]
 [Insert diagram]
 Conclusion: [End the document by summarizing all the important points so that the reader can recall what points you have referred to in the document]


Writer’s details: [Give your details or your organisation’s name and contact details at the end of the document]