Word documents template is a ready to use document which forms the basic structure for creating any document with the help of a word processing software. There are many templates available in Word that have blank spaces which you can fill up in order to create the kind of document you need. Some of these templates have special design options while others consist of the basic text options. The templates can be found whenever one opens a new word document and then choose from the numerous templates available like memos, calendars, letters, reports, projects, planners and so on. Put in your information in the pre-set template and according to your priorities make a fresh document

You can Download the Free Word Document Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Word Document Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Word Document Template:

Word Document Template

Download Word Documents Template

[Insert statement heading here] [Also add statement number and date of making this statement]


[Insert your company’s logo here]


Name: [Give name of your company] Address: [Give address of company]


Phone: [Mention phone number]


Email: [Give your email address]

Buyer information:Contact name: [Give name of buyer]Address: [Give address of buyer]

Phone: [Mention phone number]

Date [Mention date when item was bought] Description [Give a description of the goods] Balance [Insert balance amount] Amount [Insert total amount]
Current 30-days past due 31-60 days past due 61-90 days past due Amount due
Comments: [Insert any suitable comments here, if required]
Remittance [Insert all the necessary information in the following categories]
Amount due  
Amount enclosed  
Make all cheques payable to [insert name of the company here]

Thank you for your business. We hope to see you again.