A word flyer template is the basic structure provided by Word in order to create flyers for organisations or individuals. Flyers are documents which are used to promote legal, commercial or religious business or to make official announcements. By filing up the information about the event or service in the blank spaces provided in the word flyer template, individuals and organisations may use these documents to display the services offered by them like tutorials, coaching, educational or extra-curricular courses for different age groups. Flyers also help to provide some information or give a social message as their attractive display gets the attention of the public. They also help one to get information from others by posting about missing persons or pets.

You can Download the Free Word Flyer Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Word Flyer Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Word Flyer Template:


Word Flyer Template

Download Word Flyer Template

Name of organisation or individual: [Insert name of a organisation, institute, company or the person who has created the flyer]


Address: [Insert the full address here][Also add other addresses if there are other centres across the state]Phone number: [Give phone number of the person or organisation]Customer care number: [Enter number for handling customer care queries]Email ID: [Mention email address or add any other important contact details]



[Insert company logo here]

[Give name of website]


Services offered:[Mention the list of services offered by the organisation]1)      Service 12)      Service 23)      Service 3Description of services:[Describe the type of services offered in details]Time and day: [Insert timings and days when these services are offered by the organisation]
Quote or tagline: [Enter quote, tagline or slogan of the organisation]


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