A word legal template is a ready to use document which forms the basic structure for creating any legal template with the help of word processing applications like Word. The legal pleadings template is available when you open a new file and select the legal template or the Pleadings Wizard out of the list provided. With the help of the template, you can make your own legal document based on your requirements and priorities and make modifications or add more information if needed. All you need is to fill up the bank spaces provided in the template and add the legal issue you are concerned with in the document.

You can Download the Free Word Legal Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Word Legal Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Word Legal Template:

Word Legal Template

Download Word Legal Template

Plaintiff’s name: [Give the name of the plaintiff]Address: [Mention full address of the plaintiff] Phone: [Give plaintiff’s phone number]e-mail ID: [Mention plaintiff email address] Defendant’s name: [Give the name of the defendant]Address: [Mention full address] Phone: [Give defendant’s phone number]e-mail ID: [Give defendant’s email ID] 
 Case number: [Mention case or serial number]Judge: [Mention name of the judge in charge of the proceedings]Magistrate: [Give name of the magistrate related to this case]
 Motion filed: [Type in the kind of motion filed in this legal document][The motion argument begins from here and you can type over this paragraph. However, try to keep it within one page.]

Respectfully submitted,

[Give name of either defendant or plaintiff]

Certificate of service

A copy of the foregoing was served upon [give name of the other party or the attorney] at [give address] on [give date].

[Give name here again]



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